Talk with any great leader and you’ll learn who inspired them. Jim Collins is a great leadership expert, who inspired me, and offered the level 5 hierarchy for aspiring leaders to reach – the level 5 executive with humility and will. I often use this hierarchy to help me see where I’m headed in my leadership journey.

Hi! I’m Thomas Mann. I started my leadership journey when I was 12. My mother was a single parent with two kids – my sister and I. Through various challenges, as we all must endure, my mother, sister, and I became homeless. My mother led by fear. Stay with the family no matter what or face the consequences was our motto. My sister couldn’t take the path that I was about to go on. Leave the family in search of something better.

Years later, I realized that my decision at 12 would have a profound impact on my mother and sister. Each continued or became leaders on their own. My mom continued to lead through fear, while my sister led with humility and will. I decided to be a collaborative leader. What helped my sister and I decide on very different leadership styles from our mother? It was our experiences through time, and the effects of a bad leader – to develop the will to do better. Also, I came to learn from my sister that she looked up to my decision to do more and be better despite circumstances, and I learned to have humility from my sister.

Laeden is derived from the Old English word Laedan. Laedan means to lead or to guide. Laeden finds meaning as “god’s gift.” Laeden is pronounced lee den, such as you’re lead-in me to victory. Laeden App is being founded with leadership values in mind – respect, integrity, humility,  authenticity, courage, service, and wisdom.

These seven core leadership values can each be honed from our beliefs, beliefs that are created from our experiences. My hope is that you’ll find value in Laeden App by learning, having discussions with others, and applying what you believe leadership should be – you’re own leadership values.

May your leadership journey be filled with will, humility, and your values!

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