About Our Leadership Journey…

Thomas Mann and the Mann Family. 

Laeden App is about your, and our, leadership journey. Our goal is to have a safe, respectful, professional, and social environment that aids you. Really, thank you for stopping by. If we meet your needs, then feel free to stay awhile to learn, share, grow, and BE a great leader through practice and doing. 

So, who helped make Laeden App possible to assist you? Introducing, Thomas Mann! Thomas has been married to his beautiful and talented wife for 19 years. Next, he obtained his MBA from the University of Mary Washington, and his leadership  journey had only started after graduation. Lastly, he has been blessed to meet many great leaders, whether home through family and friend events, at work in the private or government sectors, or in academic settings learning as much as possible. 

Why should you participate? Because, Laeden App is about all of us working together to help each other grow and succeed. In addition, we all wouldn’t succeed without you! If you are interested, send us your picture and a short About you, and we’ll add you to the Laeden App’s About page. Some ways to contact us include the floating chat help icon, Contact page, Chat, and our forums. Also, the Balanced Careers provides great ideas to assist with constructing an About Me section. We appreciate the opportunity to meet you, learn from you, and have your smile and feedback! 




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